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As you can learn from 25 blog articles, the present pandemic is unique: its epidemiological statistics cannot be explained by known biological, social or medicine factors. We see both on worldwide level and on country-specific level too many inexplicable events - the sharp turns of epidemiological curves without any visible reason when, for example, exponential growth of new cases in 1-2 days stops or even is replaced by steep decline.

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The Message

A picture stays funny until we understand it. The road sign may be simply red ring with red cross inside unless we know that this is the message that prohibits stopping. Sounds of telegraph are meaningless if we do not know Morse code.  When we learn it the sounds become message. Here is the same: if  we are scientists who study facts rather than believers who believe in what they used to believe we have to interpret the set of biologically inexplicable epidemiological events as the message  humankind is receiving. The sooner we decipher this message the sooner pandemic ends. 


Why pandemic? Why do not say simply?

Because actions speak louder than words. Will you listen somebody who says what you don't want to listen? This is why.


Who does say? Let us not speculate about this and speak only about the facts.


What is the Message about?

Of course, about humankind's life. What else may it be about? You must correct the way you live - this is the meaning of any reprimand. How to correct? To answer we need better understanding ourselves: what our life is and how we live.

The life of humankind is evolution, development – hundreds thousand or even millions years of biological evolution and thousands years of cultural evolution, and all these are years of mental and spiritual evolution. But until now human evolution was unconscious as evolution of any organism is.


Today this changes: human evolution becomes more and more conscious. Today we are in the transit from unconscious evolution to conscious one. This is the content of Message - please transit. But please transit consciously.  

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How the history grows man

The history makes man's mind more complex. We observe this cultural evolution for at least 5000 years as climbing stepped pyramid, the steps of which are civilizations. In "Abrahamic" part of the world we see 8 such steps – from Sumer civilization to modern Western one. Each civilization created its own type of man that is higher than man created by previous civilization: his mind is more complex - he sees more things of world and more relationships between them. 

Time of transition

When civilization spends his creative potential new civilization arises. This happens (approximately each 500 years) because old civilization that created its man cannot give him more space for further development he needs. Old civilization becomes too tight; man grows out from it and needs new one with new social organization, new values, new culture etc.

We are living in such time – Western civilization becomes tight for further development of Western man and entered in the crisis that gives birth to new civilization.


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I called the future civilization "conscienism" (from Latin conscientia, conscience), or "caritasism" (from Latin caritas, love, care). The main features of conscienism are: a)  the conscious character of human development, and b) the new  system of values, in which spiritual development, which turns man into higher being, will replace the present main values – money, comfort, liberty etc. They'll stay, but will change their status - will become instruments for man's spiritual transformation. 


Social organisation of conscienism

The social procedures have yet to be created (and recreated permanently in accordance with the state of society), but the main 2 principles are:

1) Everybody has all (s)he needs for conscious development;

2) The social power of each person is proportional to his/her spiritual height: the taller person spiritually the bigger his/her abilities and responsibilities to love and care for others.


You can transit in new world in a moment

The only thing you need is your wish. Nothing more. You even don't need to leave old world. As soon as you wish to enter conscienism you are there.


Be part of new world: meet new people, find collaborators

How can you be involved? 

Tell about yourself: your views, your hopes, your dreams, your work

Ask questions and get answers - learn new knowledge

Discuss what you learn

Become a Messenger: share, invite

Design, Test and Improve Conscienism