Announcement - 15.11.2015

The experience of 2015 was successful and we are making the new step. In 2016 the Program (the web-Portal and Eating Guide) will be expanded: 


  • The new name will be BEST RESTAURANTS OF CYPRUS covering restaurants in all areas of Cyprus: not only Limassol, but also Nicosia, Famagusta, Larnaca, and Paphos.

  • Both Web Portal and printed Eating Guide will be in two languages – Russian and English.

  • ALL RESTAURANTS ARE ELIGIBLE TO ENTER IN THE LIST. However, we will continue to rate and to review only the restaurants, which were inspected by us personally.


Registration fee for participation in the program depends on the package you choose:


  • Inspection (including writing reviews in Russian and in English, making pictures and granting two self-adhesive stickers in Russian and in English languages)  - €49.00 + V.A.T. 19%

  • Publishing in Russian language in website and in printed Eating Guide in Russian distributed through Kronos ltd in the Kiosks (circulation 1000) - €25.00 + V.A.T. 19%   

  • Publishing in English language in website and in printed Eating Guide in English distributed through Kronos ltd in the Kiosks (circulation 1000) - €25.00 + V.A.T. 19%    


To participate please contact us. Application Form may be downloaded here.

For the owners of restaurants - 15.03.2015

About Eating Guide

Eating Guide "Кипр Best" (Best of Cyprus) provides Russians with the most reliable unbiased information about the best restaurants in the following 7 categories: International Cuisine, Greek Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, Fish and Seafood, Budget Restaurants and Cafes (all in Limassol city), Restaurants in Limassol Eparchy out of City Boundaries, and Restaurants in Mountains.


We are choosing restaurants for the Guide basing on the evaluation of 4 parameters: Location, Interior, Service and Cuisine.  These four parameters are integrated into one integral rate on the scale from 1 to 20, where the mark 20 corresponds to the best in the world restaurants of given category.


An excellent restaurant is not always an expensive restaurant. An excellent restaurant is one where a customer feels himself happy - where the place is beautiful, the atmosphere is joyful, the service is friendful and professional and, of course, where the food is delicious. This is why sometimes our evaluation of simple and relatively cheap places is higher than evaluation of luxury and expensive ones.


The information about each restaurant  includes:

  • 1 photo

  • Address

  • The location map

  • Telephone

  • Open hours

  • Min – max prices of main course

  • Our expert unbiased evaluation in 20-grades scale

  • Our review including reference to other available ratings (Timeout, Tripadviser)


Important: Our evaluations and reviews are based on the information we have about your restaurant. When we feel that our information is not sufficient to evaluate your restaurant precisely,

we shadow the information by such box.

This means that our evaluation is only conditional. To make a conditional evaluation unconditional we must inspect your restaurant on site in the position of customer incognito. To order such inspection please email us.


In red we print

the names of very few restaurants,

which we know well enough and evaluate high enough to recommend them personally. If you fill that your restaurant must be red you need to order the in-depth investigation of your place. We will be more than happy to know more about your business.



Your Benefits


  • All restaurants selected receive the Quality Certificate.

  • All restaurants selected are published in the printed version of Eating Guide.

  • 24/7 visibility of your restaurant that is evaluated by the trusted professionals as one of the best in Cyprus for thousands Russian tourists who are looking for best place to dine.

  • No web development fees.

  • Free active online promotion.

  • Free active offline advertising.

  • Special discounts on elaborating your Russian advertisements (billboards,  leaflets, flyers, magazine/radio ads etc) as well as Russian signboard and Russian menu.

  • Special discount on creating Russian website or Russian web pages of your website if you don’t already own one.

  • Special discounts for our trainings your waiters to use Russian in a professionally effective way.

Ads in the website are placed in such reddish boxes.


Our Visitors

WHO they are


  • Russian tourists who are looking for the best place to eat;

  • Russians living in other cities of Cyprus permanently who plan to come to your town;

  • Russians searching for the place for party;

  • Russians (tourists and residents) who are looking for specific cuisine;

  • Russians (tourists and residents) looking for a restaurant with a good value.


WHY they prefer us


Because they value:

  •  Accurate information; and

  • Unbiased objective evaluation.


Paid Services

A. If your restaurant is already on our list, but you need more, we offer:


  • Reference to your website;

  • The individualized map and driving directions for your restaurant;

  • Your own Russian language webpage in our website;

  • Block Advertisement of your restaurant (see below);

  • Replacement of 1 photo by slide show or even video. You may provide your own pictures/video or we may  make them for you.


Still need more? Contact us -  we will find the solution.


B. If your restaurant is NOT yet on our list, but you think it must be, we can rate your place. If the rating will be high enough, we will accept the restaurant in the list.


However, please note that the objectivity of our list is our main business principle - we provide tourists only with the objective unbiased information. This is why we have no a subscription fees for the owners and cannot guaranty that we will accept your place in the list - if you own the excellent restaurant we must include it in the list; if your restaurant is not good  enough we can not do this.


Nevertheless you always have the option to place paid advertisement of your restaurant in any page of the website or in the "paper" (printed) Eating Guide (see details in the Price List).



Please email us your needs. Or call 99465967.